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Infrared Photos

We are taking digital photography to the next level – experience a completely new world!
Infrared – a definition
First of all let’s clarify what infrared is. Most people will immediately think about heat radiation if they hear the word “infrared”, but there is something else hidden from our earth-bound eyes.
Infrared light has a certain wavelength with a very wide range. If we only look at the first part of this range, we won’t be able to see heat radiation, but we will be able to see things our eye normally can’t: …

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Have you been on the lookout for some cool free downloadable cursors for Windows Vista? Here are some of the best cursors that you will find on the net:

Free Downloadable Cursors for Vista

Click here to download over 7500 free cursors


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If you are still using Windows Vista, it might now be a good time to consider upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8


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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is hitting the theathers in one month. The DVD release date is not too far away. More infos after the break.

DVD Release Date For Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2


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The Wii U has been announced by Nintendo. We have created an email notification that will automatically notify you when the Wii U becomes available for preorder.


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The Wii U has been announced by Nintendo.


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Over at http://windows7themes.net/ you will find a lot of news about the E3 2011. Sony for example announced that the Playstation Vita is now available for preorder.

Playstation Vita 3G Preorder Now


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There’s been a lot of buzz about God of War lately. If you are a fan of Kratos and looking for a God of War desktop theme for Windows 7 (usable on Vista if you extract it), then here’s a great theme!

God of War Windows 7 Desktop Theme

Download Windows 7 God of War Theme


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Have you been looking for some great desktop icons? We have many free desktop icons for you! Powered by Iconshock we present you some of the best desktop icons for Windows Vista and Windows 7. All of the icons are really high-quality, so check them out, download them for free.

source_preview_freeicons.jpg (87 KB)


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A major security vulnerability has been found in Internet Explorer versions 6-8. A hacker can execute any code on your machine if you visit an infected website and your are either running Internet Explorer as administrator or if you have disabled the UAC in Windows Vista. Considering that the source code has been posted all over the internet the problems could multiply.

Operation Aurora Targets Internet Explorer Vulnerability


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If you are already on Vista, you can download a Windows 7 Call of Duty Theme at our sister site:

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Theme

The Call of Duty WIndows 7 Theme includes 15 COD HD Wallpapers and a COD Screensaver!

Read more: Windows 7 Call of Duty Theme


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Have you been looking for a good Windows 7 theme for Vista? The following Windows 7 style for Vista is one of the best and fully supports Windows Vista SP1 and SP2. If you want to install any Windows 7 themes, then grab this one!

Windows 7 Vista Desktop Theme