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120+ animated background wallpapers


The new Windows Vista has some very cool features aside from Aero, one of those features is Vista DreamScenes. It’s a tool that allows you to have animated wallpapers on your desktop. A Vista animated background is eating a lot of memory but fortunately only if you are on the desktop. Don’t worry about it unless you have a very old PC.

To setup your own animated background Vista Ultimate requires a format called “.dream”. Should you be using another Windows Vista, then you will have to buy Vista DeskScapes. Unfortunately there is only a paid version available, because Windows DreamScenes was intended to be an exclusive feature of Vista Ultimate, but DeskScapes is worth the small fee of $19.

DeskScapes DeskScapes

One of the biggest sources for animated vista backgrounds is
Island Dog one of their top authors is releasing a short movie of new Windows DreamScenes every month. To get an overview of the last year I have gathered all links and videos which are spread over many pages.


If you are downloading a lot of files from WinCustomize then you will probably receive the message that you have to subscribe after a while. If you want to avoid that you can simply start another browser e.g. IE7, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. or delete your cookies and continue your download spree!


If you do NOT own Vista Ultimate you have to buy DeskScapes in order to setup animated desktop backgrounds. Since it is very cheap I can only recommend to buy DeskScapes here.

    May 07:

    June 07:

    July 07:

    August 07:

    September 07:

    Video: Animated Wallpapers – Sept. ’07 Edition

    October 07:

    Nov 07:

    December 07:


    January 08:

    February 08:

    March 08:

    April 08:

    May 08:

    June 08:

    July 08:

    Videos currently down:


    March 07:

    Video: Animated Wallpaper: This Month in Dream (March ’07)

    April 07:

    Video: Animated Wallpapers: This Month in Dreams – April ’07

    Requirements to add the wallpaper above:

    Grab DeskScapesĀ here.

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