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7 free beautiful Vista themes


I did some research to find 7 very beautiful vista themes for you. There are some nice themes around but this time I tried to find only top quality themes that will make your windows vista a new experience. That’s what I love about vista themes, you can fully customize vista with just a few steps and with this post I can hopefully help you to find the themes that are really worth downloading at the moment.

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Let’s start with a vista theme that has fairly impressed me. Actually it’s a pair of two themes, a blue and a green one. I love how the author adjusted the taskbar colours, it perfectly fits to the great wallpaper. You can literally feel the touch of nature once you apply the emerald theme to your desktop. Green is a very good colour for desktop themes, it’s very relaxing. Always look at something green if your eyes are tired, it will help! But should you be tired of the green desktop simply use the blue theme.

Download Emerald Forest:

Download BlueStone Park:

Speaking of nature, there is another awesome vista theme: Elements of Nature. The four elements water, fire, earth and wind are electrifying, as well as their desktop themes. I love themes with different appearances, it makes it so much easier to customize vista as you want to.

Download Elements of Nature:

Download SteelFlash:

A theme that is, accordingly to the author, one of the most customizable visual style is SteelFlash. Indeed the list of features is quite impressive:

  • 1 Windows Media Player new GUI
  • 2 Sidebar Styles
  • 3 Logon Screens
  • 5 Different Taskbars
  • 6 Taskbar Buttons Styles
  • 7 Context Buttons Styles
  • 8 Start Buttons
  • 35 Windows Media Player Taskbars
  • Download Vega:

    Don’t like the feel of Vista at all ? Get a mac-like theme! Vega requires StarDock’s Icon Packager in order to patch all the little icons, but it’s worth doing it if you want to get rid of the ordinary Windows feeling. If you truly want to have a unique desktop, then this is your choice!

    Download Xion Beta:

    One theme that is still in beta looks very promising and comes with a handy installer is “Xion”. If you like clean, fresh and blue themes, then I can absolutely recommend this one.

    You like to tweak until everthing is fine? You love to adjust themes to your personal taste? Then this is a theme for you. The author explicity states that you will have to tweak some settings e.g. the menu color. To do that right-click on your desktop / click on Personalize / Window Color and Appearance / select the theme and click on the “advanced” button on the right. Now select “Menu Color” from the dropdown menu and change the colour so that it looks good.

    Download X-Aero:

    This theme is also still in beta but already worth downloading:

    I hope you enjoyed this post and found some beautiful vista themes for your personal desktop, please signup for updates below.

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    12 Responses to 7 free beautiful Vista themes

    1. Dizi izle says:

      These themes are very cool. Thank you very much.

    2. sOliver says:

      Thanks for your kind words.
      Will try to find more quality themes rather than a lot of average themes.

    3. kiasemar says:

      hmm.. nice themes. I’d like to see more

    4. sOliver says:

      There will be a 2nd part of this post this week :)

    5. wabbitns says:

      Hi, i love the themes, especially elements of nature! ;)

      Thanks for post, icons for my theme

    6. lin says:

      how to use the theme??

    7. Visual Web Developer says:

      cool its good i wanna more

    8. wabbitns says:

      Thanks for post!!!
      Hope you like my theme. If you do go to and fav


      Thanks very much for themes.
      And please upload more themes.
      If you have some good stuff for VISTA, let us know.

    10. vicky says:

      thank u very much for give me this nice theme . keep at up.

    11. Dubz says:

      Hey I’ve downloaded SteelFlash 100k and I can’t get it to work even with your very short tutorial. Please can you either email me or put a guide on this website. It more confusing than you have said to install.

    12. Jonathan O. says:

      Steel Flash and Elements of Nature have the best appearance. The other one are too crowded or too colourful.

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