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Get an overview of the most popular themes you can find at this site. If you have problems installing the themes please read the tutorial at the end of this post.

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Do you need help to install the themes ?

How to install Vista Themes properly.

I want to show you exactly how to properly install vista themes, since some people do not know how to do it. Althought this seems to be a long post, there are just a few steps. I have described every step in detail. Should there be any question left, feel free to use the comment form!

1. You will have to patch your UXTheme.dll with a little tool or manually. I have described this earlier here.

To put it all in a nutshell :

2. Extract all the files of a vista theme you have downloaded. They are usually zipped with WinRAR. Usually WinRaR will automatically extract all files into a folder that has the name of the theme. Go to that folder.

Open it. Inside you should find several files.

a) If there is a sub-folder and a file called .theme then select all files and the subfolder via STRG+A.

b) If there is no .theme file, but a .msstyles, then go back one step and select the folder .

Copy the selected files into the clipboard via STR+C (= copy).

3. Locate the folder X:\Windows\Resources\Themes\

X: is the drive where you installed Vista. Once inside the folder simply press STR+V (= paste). Now the theme will be inside your “Themes” folder, awesome! Could look like that now:

Now there is not much left to do. Compare the three steps with the picture above!

  • 1. This is the default Windows Vista Theme, make sure you always keep a copy of that folder!
  • 2. Inside this folder there is a file called “themename”.msstyles, which you will have to double-click to apply the theme.

  • 3. This is a “.theme” file, which you can double-click to apply the theme.

Detailed explanation:

  • a) If there is a .theme file double-click on it.
  • b) If there is no .theme file double-click on the theme folder. Once inside double-click on the file with the extension “.msstyles”.

On the following screen, simply select the theme that you just installed and click on “Apply”.

4. Enjoy your new Windows Vista Themes!

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Can I use Vista Themes if I run XP ?

You can convert almost all Vista themes, if you want to give it a try here is the download: Click me

Are there any cool programs I might need to customize Vista/XP?

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2 Responses to Vista Themes

  1. Zed™ says:

    it is commonly C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\ not X: if you use this one it will make a lot tougher to understand because sometimes there is no such drive like X: so to able to understand much better how about this:

    1.) If the file is a .zip, .rar, or other compression file format then decompress it in this location C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\

    2:) If the file is already a folder then follow this path C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\ and paste it inside the Themes folder..

    3:) if you want to have another themes then search for it its easy to search because many sites is now offering free themes for windows..

    if you ever disagree to this conclusion then sen a message to me at

  2. rendy says:

    gmn? cara download tema.

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