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Vista Themes: Ultimate Dark


Over 100,000 downloads. Dark. Darker. Ultimate Dark.
This is one of the themes where you can just say ‘wow’.
A lot of people like this clean, dark style. Personally I do not like dark vista themes that much, but it’s a very cool theme for a couple of weeks; after that I needed something more colorful!

It is impressive, the author of this theme used about 8 different applications to create it.
ResHack (free), XVI32 (free), Tiny Hexer (free), Hex Editor Neo (free), Resource Tuner trial, Restorator 2007 Trial, Gimp (free), Xnview (free).

Author: r3c1pr0c17y
Title: Ultimate Dark

Download Ultimate Dark

The author 7-zipped it, if you want a simple ordinary .zip you can download it here *fixed* Ultimate Dark ZIP

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6 Responses to Vista Themes: Ultimate Dark

  1. metal says:

    first time ever even lookin fot themes. thats beautiful! havent even dld yet

  2. gsx1000r02 says:

    this is a sweet theme, but looking at your screenshot, i like the skin for wmp. but i dont see how it works. how do i get it like that? thanx

  3. PRABHAKARA.T says:

    send me vista themes

  4. shaun says:

    i would dwnld this but is it uninstallable?

  5. sOliver says:

    You can uninstall all themes. Simply delete the files you copied into the “Resources folder”.
    If you don’t understand what I am talking about check out the FAQ on this site.

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